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MegaHorn™ - 150 DB Train Horn

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Are you the glad owner of a sweet vehicle that has a horn that simply doesn't do it any justice? With this 150dB Train Horn, you'll certainly be heard! Give your car the horn it deserves right now!

Product Features:

  • Warn cars pulling out on you from a further stretch.
  • Signal drivers in other cars listening to blaring, noisy and distracting music.
  • Maintain you and your family safe while on the road.
  • Simple installation, easily use your cars existing horn wires.

Product Specifications:

  • Trumpet Width: Approx. 3.75 Inch / 95mm.
  • Trumpet Height: Approx. 17.7 Inch / 450mm.
  • Material: Chrome Plated Metal.
  • Fits: Any 12V vehicle.
  • Compressor color may vary.

UPDATE: Due to the massive increase in demand, this product will be on sale only for a limited period of time. Our stock is finite, so be fast and order now before it's all gone!