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AcuPen™ - Acupuncture From Home

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Do you want the benefits of acupuncture but don't enjoy the thought of being punctured with pins? Fear no more and try the AcuPen™. The pen provides painless, acupuncture-type stimulation that utilizes electrical impulses to activate tissue, prevent saggings and aging skin, promote healthy blood circulation and aids to decrease muscle pain! Click the 'Add to cart' button to get yours 50% Off!

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  • Easy to use, simply increase or decrease the strength of the electric pulse and begin treatment in literally seconds 
  • 9 different modes according to your preferred strength, begin with low power then work your way up making it suitable for all types of people and experience levels
  • Two different head types included providing all matter of benefits. The Dome Head is applicable for beauty and health care, while the Spheroidal Head is for partial therapy, great for quickly alleviating pain
  • Easily fits in your pocket, bag or pouch. Use it while you travel or for long days at work. Portable pain relief where ever you go.
    * If you have a pacemaker, the use of this product is not recommended!


  • Power: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Main Color: Silver
  • Material: Magnet, Alloy
  • Size: 20cm x 3cm/7.87" x 1.18" (Approx.)


Extremely high demand: please allow 10 to 25 business days for delivery


Package Includes:

  • 1 x AcuPen™
  • 3 x Different massaging heads
  • 1 x Easy-to-Follow instruction booklet


UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, our supply is going to run out very soon. Get yours while you still can!



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