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Adjustable Prescription Glasses

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Are you losing your prescription glasses? The Adjustable 20/20 Prescription Glasses have an adjustable dial that turns to three different settings for near, intermediate, and far distances within -6.0 to +3.0 Diopter range. These are the perfect backup to your prescription glasses.

Unlike Ordinary Glasses, the Adjustable 20/20 Prescription Glasses can adjust from Reading Glasses to Distance Glasses with the turn of a dial. Works great for any gender - One Size Fits All. 

  • Improve Vision - No More Squinting!
  • Adjust From Reading Glasses to Distance Glasses
  • Great for Both Men & Women
  • Malleable Frames, Resistant to Impact
  • No Prescription Required!

Just with a twist, you can adjust the lenses to any desired distance without a prescription!

Adjustable 20/20 Prescription Glasses adjust to each individual eye in case there are discrepancies in prescription.


  • Material: ABS & PCS
  • Capacity: 94 g
  • Package Size: 13.5 x2.7cm


  • 1 x Adjustable 20/20 Prescription Glasses