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Air Drain Blaster Cannon

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BAAM! Air Drain Blaster Cannon is a little gun-type device that allows you to unclog your sinks and toilets with the pull of a trigger. How it functions is you build up air pressure inside of the device using the pump on the top of it, then, once you've built up enough pressure, simply place the end of it into your sink or toilet, and pull the trigger. It will blast a massive gust of air into your pipes and eliminate the mother-load that you sent down earlier.

SAVE MONEY with Air Drain Blaster Cannon: Air Drain Blaster Cannon saves you a lot of money from calling a plumber or buying a product containing those harmful chemicals in it. It's powerful and efficient against heavy blocking of dirt, hair and rubbish materials such as oil, ice cream, soft drinks, and liquors.

The Air Drain Blaster Cannon Gun comes with a full set of attachments to fit into your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Just place the required attachment onto the end of the device and squeeze it into whatever drain or toilet your needing to clear.

No longer will you need to splash poo water all over you while trying to use a plunger in your toilet, no more need for nasty chemicals going down your pipes, nor will you need to wait days for a plumber to arrive if you decide to go that route. You can now easily pull a trigger and have a clean flowing drain every-time.

The BAAM! Air Drain Blaster Cannon a.k.a air-pressure gun is entirely reusable over and over, is environmentally helpful in comparison to other options, is amazingly simple to use, and works on sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.


  • Material: ABS gun body, natural rubber blocked head. Gun Body Size: (L) x (W) 23.5 x 28cm / 9.25""x 11.02"". Weight:1.86lb.We use a pure rubber that is strong and tenacious for our drain blaster.
  • EASY TO USE. The Air Blow Gun uses the function of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the fierce clogs in your drains in just seconds. Just ready the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger, the clog is cleared immediately. Much quicker than traditional plungers and snake and no more wasting time on drain openers.
  • NO HARM, REUSABLE AND SAVE MONEY. Better than using harmful chemicals that can deteriorate your pipes or threaten your family! It is able to be used again and can last for years and eliminates clogs without a need for a call to the plumber, saving you from having to pay big bucks for a plumber.
  • ADAPTABLE AND EFFICIENT. It can deal with a multitude of blockages created by all sorts of rubbish such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, oil dirties and so on. With high-pressure air power, it clears drains fast and easy. Amazing for works on sinks, tubs, and toilets.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE: Comes with 5cm, 6cm, 11.5cm, 4.3cm-11.5cm, 4 sized suckers, can be used in the toilet, washbasin, bathtubs, shower, sink, squatting pan, floor drain, blocked pipes and etc.

Good Bye to the old days of ordinary, useless and ineffective plungers! 

The Air Drain Blaster Cannon uses compact air to clean out the sturdiest blockages in your drains in seconds! No more dealing with toxic chemicals that can corrode your pipes or endanger your family.
Just pump the Drain Blaster and pull the trigger, the blockage is gone immediately. It's incredibly safe and environmentally friendly. The Drain Blaster includes a set of 2 attachments that you can use to unclog every drain in the house. It can last for years and save you from plumbers hefty call out charges!

How to use:

  • (1) Install the relevant plug according to the size of the pipe diameter.
  • (2) Pump up the hand pump about 10-20 times, until you cannot pump into the air to get high-pressure gas.
  • (3) Block pipe outlet, have it sealed; Pull the trigger to release the high-pressure gas (you could have it repeated till dredge the pipeline).


  • (1) The mouth of the outlet must be buried in the blocked fluid to guarantee air pressure. You should add enough water to the sinks, pipes or toilets, otherwise, it will not work well.
  • (2) If the pipeline is blocked, it is recommended to put some soft debris, making the pipeline near full blocked for better effect
  • (3) You can use a towel, rags, plastic sheet or other things to avoid water from splashing out if the pressure is too high

  • Instantly blast away the most stubborn clogs.
  • Saves you a lot of money by calling a plumber.
  • An extremely effective hygiene item.
  • It's reusable and fast to wash.