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Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Desk

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Ever had that painfully irritating feeling when you’re relaxing with a laptop on the bed or couch? Yup! We’ve all had that often. However, with this Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Desk, you won’t ever have to be uncomfortable ever again. 

This new product is something that all techies and gadget lovers will definitely need! Imagine enjoying the most convenient and easy experience while using your laptop or tablet. This innovative product assures just that!

  • Enjoy your gadgets easily anytime, anywhere!
  • This Ergonomic Desk is made for tech addicts!
  • Created and produced for Convenience and Ease of Use!
  • Have fun with its Fully Adjustable Height/Angle Knobs and 360⁰ Foldability!
  • Vent and airing holes give needed and satisfactory airflow to use up heat from your device.
  • Comes with a portable side pad for your laptop’s mouse.
  • Convenient, Condensed, and Lightweight Structure
  • Comes in a smooth, stylish aesthetic that you won’t hesitate to bring it with you all the time for on-the-go use!
  • Use laptops, tablets, and more HASSLE-FREE!!!
  • Can function as a laptop desk, writing desk, art desk, mini dining table or even as a flower stand!
  • Use it on the bed, sofa, table, carpet, lawn or anywhere else!

Enjoy the Homiest Tech Geek Experience with this Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Desk! Look no further if you’re in need of a desk with great portability. This one guarantees an amazing user experience. It is perfect and a must-have desk for all gadget lovers out there!


Product Specifications

Material/s: ABS, Magnesium, and Aluminum Alloy

Size: 527 x 255 x 310mm (expanded) / 527 x 255 x 40mm (folded)

Weight: 1530g

Color: Black

Package Inclusion/s: 1 x Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Desk