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AntiMist™ Anti Fog Window Spray

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Prevent blurred vision, always have a clear view!

Have you ever stepped into your car on a cold day and found out your windows are completely blurried? Then you had to fully turn on the heater to make it go away.. We all remember the struggle, but luckily that problem belongs to the past.

Introducing the AntiMist™ Anti Fog Window Spray. The solution that prevents the fog and water vapor layer from appearing on the glass surface to keep it 100% translucent.

  • 💧 Prevents fog from appearing in any temperature
  • ✅ Use for windshield, glass, rearview mirror, goggles, etc.
  • ✅ One 100ml bottle will last you 2 years!
  • ❤️ Safe & non-toxic


1: Clean the glass surface

2: Spray on the inner glass of the car

3: Gently wipe with a dry towel or tissue paper to leave a thin layer of aerosol on the glass. Be careful not to wipe it hard so as not to affect the effect.

4: The AntiMist™ will now keep the fog away for up to a month. At that time you just repeat the process!



So make sure you always have a clear view of the road and get your AntiMist™ Anti Fog Window Spray now!