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Automatic Soldering Gun

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The Powerful, Convenient and Easy-to-use AUTOMATIC SOLDERING GUN

Searching for a dynamic, all-powerful and potent tool for attaching surfaces together, such as electrical applications, cables, coils, circuit boards, metal alloy and extra? This Automatic Soldering Gun is your perfect. foolproof and ideal solution!

This automatic electrically controlled device contains a mighty mechanical connection and a trigger-style switch for effortless single-handed use. Made from the highest capacity and quality material, with its generous cable length, you can be sure that this soldering gun is going to show the highest pinnacle performance even with hefty work, jobs, operations, and undertakings. 

Automatic Soldering Gun - Grab, Shop & Go


  • Made from the highest-quality material
  • One hand operation to make your life easier
  • Plated soldering tip provides you with the best heat transfer up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • Heat resistant Teflon pipe fitted with 0. 8 - 1.2mm solder wire

    Package Includes

    • 1 Piece Soldering Iron Tin Gun (Green or Black)
    • 1 Piece Suction Tin Device
    • 1 Piece Solder Wire
    • 2 Piece Tweezers (Fine Tip Curved, Fine Tip Straight)

    Output Temperature: 430 Degrees Celsius

    Output Power: 60w
    Suitable for tin wire diameter: 0.8mm-1.2mm