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Blue Ray Protective Screen Glasses

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Love Your Screen Time Without The Negative Effects!

Always staring at a computer or television screen can begin to cause some big eye problems over a period of time! 

Often times, staring for too long can cause eye strain which can be synonymous with fuzzy vision, problem focusing at a distance, dry eyes, headaches or even neck, back and shoulder ache. 

To fight these problems, we've created these uniquely designed Gaming Glasses for you! They are created to lighten the load on your eyes and stop any harmful damage. They even zero out the adverse blue light that our screens radiate!

Product Benefits:

Defend Your Eyes & Stop Future Issues: Prevent getting eye damage without having to get off the games you enjoy with these incredible gaming glasses. You will not have to fear about eye strain or any of the horrible traits that come along with it!

Helps In Game Vision: These glasses help your eyes better see a contrast between colors, which can aid find enemies even faster. Even professional players use them to give them a significant edge when playing against the best players.

Variety of Styles, Find a Pair That Suits You: Whether you're sitting at home playing games for fun, or if you're streaming on YouTube or Twitch - Look good doing it! There are many distinct looks, with two distinct lenses. Look for a pair that suits your style!


It's definitely time to say bye-bye to the ordinary method of overkill screen time:

  • Eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, eye tiredness
  • Headaches, neck ache
  • Double vision, vertigo/dizziness, trouble refocusing the eyes
  • Less melatonin produced
  • Adjusted sleeping patterns (circadian rhythms)