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Bubble Metallic Nail Powder

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Too simple for the everyday nail? You surely need Bubble Metallic Nail Powder! With this toolset, you can apply nail gel with special bubble pattern at home! It is 2-in-1 nail powder which provides both metallic surface and bubble surface

Bubble nail pattern presents the diamond-liked texture by a simple process. Don't hesitate. You deserve the best PolyGel Nail Kit! Grab yours now! 


  • Sparkle Elegant Nail Powder
    Create a unique bubble pattern as like a diamond by simple usage

  • Elegant & Unique
    The metallic surface creates a gorgeous style. Can make nail pattern so different every time with bubble powder
  • Easy to Use
    Apply bubble after nail powder, using UV lamp for 20 seconds after every layer of nail powder

  • 2-in-1 Nail Powder
    You can choose metallic modern style or elegant bubble style, according to the day of outfit

  • 6 Colours with Metallic or Pearl Texture
    Contain gold, silver, pink, brown, blue, pearl colours, sparkle and gradient style

  • Non-Toxic Materials 
    Monomer-free and without any airborne dust! No harm to your real nails

  • Premium UV Lamp
    Can cure any nail gel perfectly for around 20 seconds each time


  • Material: Fairy Powder, Astringent powder, new titanium powder
  • Weight: 30 ml


  1. Apply bubble after nail powder
  2. Using a UV lamp for 20 seconds after every layer of nail powder
  3. Clean the surface of nails


  • 1 x Bubble Metallic Nail Powder


  • 1 x UV Lamp

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order