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Cellulite Toning Compression Leggings

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Get Rid of The Appearance of Stubborn Fat and Cellulite with our New Leggings!

These toning leggings are a great way to help tone and reshape your legs and lower body while working out or exercising

    The textured scale pattern material of these leggings targets loose skin and cellulite on your legs, while also accentuating your curves by lifting the butt area and compressing your tummy. The continuous massage of the elastic fabric with your body’s movement stimulates capillary micro-circulation, resulting in drainage of retained liquids and toxins that can cause cellulite. The tight leggings improve the silhouette of your body, they accentuate your curves and gives you more of an hourglass and flattering figure. Also, made of soft and breathable material that absorbs sweat and moisture!


    • Material: Infrared rays and bioactive crystal infused fabric
    • Size: S, M, L, XL

    Package includes:

    • Cellulite Toning Compression Leggings


    • Do not bleach or dry clean
    • Machine wash cold
    • Make sure you choose the correct size using the size guide below



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