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Dancing Minnow Fishing Lure

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Do you wanna take your fishing to the next level? Increase your fishing potential and enjoy more with this realistically designed swimbait that will aid you to catch more fish. The detailed color scheme on the lures is one of a kind, and the noise they give will have all the bass in the rivers & lakes racing for it!

Why miss a catch with other lures when you can have this..? This kind of bait is good for all types of fishing, such as bass fishing and ice fishing. Try it now and see what it will do for you!

Product Features:

  • Armed with many small steel ball-bearings inside the body which make noise while shifting to entice fish
  • Swimming depth: 30 - 50 cm / 11.81 - 19.68 inches
  • 3D eyes design = more realistic
  • Material: ABS plastic body and carbon steel hook, sharp, firm and durable
  • Length: 14 cm

Product Benefits:

  • Not sold in stores
  • Buy 3 for free shipping worldwide
  • Insured shipping and handling available
  • Greatly increases and improves your fishing potential
  • Lures fish with ease
  • The perfect must-have item for fishing enthusiasts 


    UPDATE: Due to the massive increase in demand, this product will be on sale only for a limited period of time. Our stock is finite, so be fast and order now before it's all gone!