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Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

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Drill the foolproof hole in hard materials!

Drill a fully circular hole from glass, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic, and other materials with this Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set. It is simple to function and only requires a small amount of water for lubricating.

Begin to drill your hole diagonally, create around trace, then hold the drill straight as you cut through the material. It’s never been this simple.


  • Efficient of drilling into exceedingly hard materials such as marble, slate, glass, tile, stone, etc.
  • The material requires only water for lubrication.
  • Can be utilized with a standard drill.
  • Align the place to be drilled, make a circular trace, then drill.
  • Superior for creating clean and correct holes.
  • Great performance and long life.


Color: As shown in pictures
Quantity: 10pcs per set (10 different sizes)
Hole Saw Diameters: 8mm / 0.31", 10mm / 0.39", 12mm / 0.47", 14mm / 0.55", 16mm / 0.63", 18mm / 0.71", 20mm / 0.79", 22mm / 0.87", 25mm / 0.98" and 50mm / 1.97"