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Waterproof PVC Gap Cover Sticker Tape

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Simply and Easily Get Rid of Any Unsightly Gaps!

Are those grimy and oily gaps on your tub and sink annoying you every time you look at them? Do you think the appliances in your house should look 10 x better? Well, you are correct! Now with the brand-new Waterproof PVC Gap Cover Sticker Tape, you can immediately get rid of grout and mold while also covering up ALL unsightly gaps. Make your house look cleaner and brighter with minimal effort required!

Don't bother paying out the nose for expensive professional retooling or re-caulking. With these new easy to use adhesive gap covering sticker tapes, you can redesign every room in your house. Give your home a professional and amazing look with the brand-new must have house product of 2019! 

This new innovative tape works just like magic. All you have to do is cut it to the desired length, lay down flat and press into place; no glue necessary! The sticker tape gives a waterproof, long-lasting seal and provides a professional look to any household appliance.

Product Features:

  • This new Gap Cover Sticker Tape can be used to improve all parts of your house such as sinks, toilets, windows, doors, stairs, tiles, wooden flooring and more!
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly material.
  • Moisture-resistant to stop mold, bacteria, dirt, and grime from festering in hard to reach areas.
  • Waterproof, damp-proof, mold proof and oil proof.
  • Covers up annoying cracks on various household appliances.
  • Easily used by anyone and everyone - no professionals required.
  • Designed to make your house look brighter, cleaner and livelier. 
  • Highly durable, long-lasting superior quality material.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to use - just peel and press the self-adhesive strip to your desired surface. Zero mess and zero hassle.
  • Cheap and effective - save thousands on a contractor. The durable and superior-quality caulk provides results that are as good, if not better than the pros.
  • Can be used on ANYTHING and everything on all parts of your house. They do not discriminate! Make your bathroom or kitchen look incredible, insulate drafty windows and doors, give a trimmed professional look to appliances or even use them on the stairs. 
  • Great for indoor decorating/enhancing or outdoor maintenance, these self-adhesive strips will solve any issue you have!
  • Prevents and puts an end to grime, mold, grease, oil, and dirt in those hard to reach areas that are normally very hard to clean.
  • Easy to clean and take care of giving you more time and peace of mind.
  • Provides your home with a bright, clear and amazing look that will last for years to come - impress your friends and family.
  • The mistake-proof product that doesn't require any additional tools or outside assistance to utilize. Super flexible and can be cut and sized down to fit anywhere you desire even around corners and around circular items.
  • Easy to clean so no more grime or dirt will build up in your house any longer! Get that super clean and pristine look in your own home.
  • Affordable in comparison to traditional methods or professionals (save time and money).
  • Simple to install - fast, easy and fits everywhere saving you time and effort.
  • Gives your house that professional looking edge. You will be impressed with satisfaction every time you look at your new caulk job to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Not sold in stores - this is a Botanika Home exclusive and can only be purchased from our online store.
  • Buy 3 for free shipping WORLDWIDE.
  • Insured shipping & handling worldwide available.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - if you don't love this product for whatever reason let us know and we'll do everything within our power to make sure you are satisfied.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 3.8*320cm / 1.50*125.98in
  • Material: Acrylic + PVC

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Waterproof PVC Gap Cover Sticker Tape