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Lizard Cam - HD Waterproof Goose-neck Inspector Camera

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Explore All Those Hard to Reach Places Easily with This Brand-New Gadget!

Includes 3 Specially Designed Tips To Cover All Of Your Needs!

1. Hook Tip

Has your ring ever dropped down the sink? Did the baby lose their toy deep under the fridge? Easily clip the hooked tip on to the end of the flexible snake-like cable and go to town. When you discover your once lost object, simply hook it and pull it out with this innovative hooked tip!

    2. Mirror Tip

    Easily attach the mirror tip to our Lizard Cam to investigate any suspected critters living behind your appliances, discover clogged up lint in your dryer vent or for viewing under heavy and difficult to move objects. This device is like having multiple pairs of eyes in the palm of your hand!

      3. Magnet Tip

      Did you accidentally drop some small or difficult to see hardware on your floor somewhere or down the side of your car? You could try and vacuum it up, but who needs that hassle? Just attach the powerful magnetic tip to our Lizard Cam and pick it up with simplicity and ease. The new Lizard Cam is a must-have gadget for the garage, DIY, tool or crafting room!

      The Hand-held Monitor That Let's You See Everything!

      Easily and simply displays what the camera views on a 2.4" LCD 720p HD screen!

      4-Foot Long Flexy Rubber Cable!

      This extra long cable bends and flexes easily to allow you to see anything, anywhere that you need it.

      Waterproof Cable!

      The very strong waterproof rubber cable means you can inspect and investigate that darn clogged toilet or drain issue that's been plaguing you for ages! Never worry about this camera shorting out or breaking.

      Product Benefits:

      • Makes house life 10 x easier for you and your family
      • Reach those hard to get to areas making deep cleaning and figuring problems with the house out much much easier
      • Views blockages in drains that have been plaguing you for ages and stopping a good flow of water through the plumbing system
      • Way cheaper than alternative inspection cameras on the market
      • 2019 exclusive, brand-new gadget
      • Fun and satisfying to use
      • You'll be inspecting everything in your house with this new innovative gadget
      • Has 3 specially designed tips to meet all your possible needs and requirements
      • 720p HD quality so you can see exactly what is going on
      • LED lights to illuminate cracks and crevices for a proper inspection
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      • 100% Money Back Guarantee - if you don't like this product for whatever reason we'll refund your money no questions asked

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      Product Specification:

      • Cable length (ft.): 4
      • Display size (in.): 2.4
      • Probe Length (in.): 4
      • Dimensions (in.)3.25 x 2.25 x 8.75  (L x W x H)
      • Product Weight (lb.): 0.65 lb
      • Power: 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
      • HD Micro Camera: Yes
      • LCD Display: Yes
      • Waterproof Camera Head: Yes

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x HD Lizard Cam
      • 3 Tips: Hook, Mirror, and Magnet