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Joint Lock Miter Tool

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When occupied on wood projects, it’s vital to use the correct tools to attain the best results. With the aid of the Joint Lock Miter Tool, you can now create locking miter joints in a jiffy!

This tool has an easy rotation and an anti-kickback design that assures its simple installation and your complete safety. With its ultra-sharp blades, it can slice and engrave all different kinds of materials, including solid wood, density boards, MDF, chipboard, splint, and more.

  • Aids in creating sturdy drawers, benches, frames, legs, pipes, and so much more with great detail
  • Stops the buildup of sawdust, resin, and pitch while it rotates with its heat-resistant coating
  • Excellent for professional carpenters, woodwork beginners, and DIY projects
  • Makes newly-cut wood super smooth and free of splinters
  • Created for desktop engraving machines 

Your woodwork equipment kit will never be full without this Joint Lock Miter Tool. Now you can work with your woodworking projects with simplicity!