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Wireless Charger Portable LED Makeup Mirror

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Would You Like To Check Your Makeup In Style, While Being Able To Charge Your Phone Wirelessly -  Anywhere, Anytime?

Introducing the new Wireless Charger Portable LED Makeup Mirror! Now you can touch up your makeup right before entering the club, in the cab or before a date to make sure you look the part. Also, this brand-new LED Makeup Mirror doubles as a wireless charger. Never despair if you ever forget to charge your phone before going out! That's right... check and apply your make up AND charge your phone wirelessly anyplace, anytime! All in just one convenient and lightweight gadget.


Product Features: 

  • Strong Configuration: Transparent HD scratch resistant high-quality mirror glass material, patented light control technology, intelligent BMS security protection and a lithium battery management system.
  • Three-Color Scheme: Three-color scheme, double-click to switch, apply your makeup without seeing a difference in color.
  • Wireless Charging: No need to plug and unplug to charge your phone. Charge the LED Mirror for 2 hours and enjoy 15 days of battery life (8 minutes per day). The AIRE wireless charger in the package can be charged by a mobile phone with QI protocol such as iPhone X.
  • Support Models: iPhone 8/8P/X; Samsung S6 and above and Note5 and above series; Xiaomi MIX2S; Nokia 830 and above 920 series.

Product Benefits:

  • Works for iPhone and Android: Can charge most new phones with ease (if your phone doesn't support wireless charging, click HERE to buy the wireless receiver).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you don't enjoy this product for whatever reason we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee within 30 days of making your order.
  • We accept 100% secure payments via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX: Securely checkout and trust that your data is fully protected using the most well-known credit card providers and even PayPal!
  • Charge Your Phone Anywhere, Wirelessly: Never worry about running out of charge for your phone if you are constantly on the move or have no time or patience to charge your phone at home!
  • The New Way To Apply & Touch Your Makeup Up: The scratch resistant mirror glass allows you to accurately check your makeup or apply it even in the dimmest of situations with the clean LED light that shines brightly for you.
  • Check Your Makeup Anyplace: Has the club bathroom not got the lighting up to your standards? Now you can apply and check your makeup with no mistakes in even the darkest of situations - in the club, in a cab or out and about late at night.
  • Look Stunning Everywhere You Go: Never worry about your make up being messed up at any time or place, always have your LED mirror handy to make sure you always look on point.
  • Your Friends Will Love It: Impress your friends with your stylish new beauty gadget, no doubt they will be begging you to use it and will be gagging to take it in turns to check their makeup. Also, makes a perfect gift!
  • Not Sold In Stores: This product is a Botanika Home exclusive and only available from our online store. Claim this unique product now!
  • 10X Better Than Old, Boring Makeup Mirrors: Throw away your ordinary, bland and damaged makeup mirror for the true beauty gadget you have always dreamed of and deserve!

How To Use:

  1. Press the power switch to turn it on (once it turns on it will have a cool white light.
  2. Press twice for the natural light mode.
  3. Press twice again for the warm white light.
  4. Double tap again to turn it off.
  5. To wirelessly charge your phone simply place your phone on top of the back side of your LED Makeup Mirror.

Packaging includes:

  • Basic Edition: 1 x Rechargeable Battery Powered LED Light Mirror.
  • Advanced Edition: 1 x Rechargeable LED Light Mirror With Wireless Charging.

 Note: the Basic Edition does not have wireless phone charging capabilities.


UPDATE: Due to the massive increase in demand, this product will be on sale only for a limited period of time. Limited supplies available, so be fast and order now before it's all gone! Click the 'Add to cart' button at the top of the page now!