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Leg Slimmer Compression Socks

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Reduce Swelling and Boost Circulation Every day in Style!

The new Leg Slimmer Compression Socks aid you to quickly increase overall leg health by just wearing it! The innovative compression socks don comfortably around your calves and are specially designed to aid in improving circulation, boost elasticity and burn fat. Enjoy them around the house, whilst you sleep or underneath your outfit as you carry out your day.

Product Features:

Elegant woolen yarns for a stunning look; a smooth and breathable feel for all-day comfortable wear. Using specialized machinery and medicinal grade material, we were able to formulate superior-quality compression socks which provide amazing value! Durable, long-lasting opaque stockings that were created for therapeutic comfort in mind - great for both men and women.

Regenerating therapeutic compression hosiery that increases blood circulation aids to stop your tired, achy and fatigued legs. Best to treat varicose and spider veins, diabetic support, long arduous flights, hard-working nurses on their feet all day, maternity, and generalized swelling and inflammation of the legs and feet.

The gradual pressure provides the optimum compression at the ankle with an ongoing reduction of pressure throughout the calf to promote the best blood flow throughout the body. It aids to decrease and stop swelling for the wearer to maintain amazing circulation and optimum leg condition.

The open toe style is created with a spacious area for individuals who need more "wiggle room". The easy to use and long-lasting zippers stay fitted and will not unsuspectedly fly open. The zip design is simple to put on and take off. Flexible, adjusting but will cuddle your leg to make sure the socks remain in place all day long. The thick and comfortably knit stay up top is created for your optimal wearing satisfaction.

We provide a 100% zero-risk Money Back Guarantee - if you do not love this product for whatever reasons. Let us know and we will do everything in our power to give you a satisfactory solution. Use the size chart below to find your measurements, if your measurements are between sizes, go for the bigger size.

Product Benefits:

  • Compression sleeve that improves circulation and health of your legs just by wearing 
  • Comfortably designed for maximum satisfaction and ease of use
  • Super strong and durable, long-lasting zipper
  • Breathable material to keep your legs cool and sweat free whilst wearing
  • Open toe design for extra and easy wiggle room
  • Decreases swelling and inflammation of legs by improving circulation 
  • Specially designed to improve circulation and elasticity that aids to burn fat
  • Helps stop varicose and spider veins
  • Can be worn alone or underneath your outfit
  • Able to be worn all day, at home, while sleeping or out in your day-to-day life

    Size Guide:

    • S/M: 33cm x 8cm
    • L/XL: 36cm x 9cm
    • XXL: 39cm x 10cm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Pair of Leg Slimmer Compression Socks

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