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Lifthooks™ Adjustable Grips

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Want to add a couple of extra reps to every set before failure? What would that do your YOUR progress in the gym?

LiftHooks™ remove the weight off from your fingers and grip and allow you to properly work your core muscle groups to failure! Our covered steel hooks and powerful nylon straps will always help to take the pressure away from your hands helping you to really focus on those last crucial reps.

Unlike ordinary straps, Lifthooks™ has been specially created to take the weight from key vulnerable spots, improve performance and decrease injuries across a range of motions. The feedback has been awesome and our customers include everyone from powerlifters to bodybuilders.

Product Benefits:

  • Gain Weight/Reps INSTANTLY - Taking the weight off your natural weaker areas such as your fingers/elbows gaining an immediate increase in your performance across a multitude of exercises.
  • Decrease Injury - Keep your form straight right until the last rep decreasing the risk of injury and improving recovery times.
  • High Versatility - Whether trying to heal from an injury or improve your one rep max, Lifthooks™ will take your training to the next level during various different exercises from deadlifts to shrugs, lat pulldowns to pull-ups or any exercise where you feel your grip lets you down before your muscles.
  • High-Performance Materials - We designed LiftHooks™ from superior-quality nylon and PVC coated steel for both power and ease meaning our hooks will be the last thing to fail in even the most savage of workouts.
  • Simple to Use - Our easy velcro design means taking on and off your Lifthooks™ as fast as changing plates.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pair of Lifthooks™ Adjustable Grips