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Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Polisher

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Remove Dirt Instantly!

Looking for a magic cleaner that is free of harmful chemicals but still rids your kitchen of oil, grease, and stains?

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Polish cleans, polishes and protects any surface. It's cleaning action is amazing and allows the user to effectively clean any surface and bring back the shine of any metal. It does not scratch the surface it cleans and leaves a protective coat on them to prevent more dirt from sticking to them. Can be used inside and outside the house such as: metal, mirrors, ceramic, porcelain, marble, wood, clean stainless steel, silverware, jewelry, glass show doors, glass stove tops or even car wheels.


  • Weight: 330g
  • Composition: Clay, Water, Vegetable oil, Vegetable soap, Vegetable glycerin, Lemon fragrance.

Package includes:

  • Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Polisher