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New Floating Pet Fur Catcher

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Finally, Grab Annoying Pet Hair and Lint from your Clothes!

Do you love your pet but hate all of its malting hair? The new Floating Pet Fur Catcher grabs stray and annoying hairs and lint into the net easily! Just throw it in the washer and it'll float right to the top while trapping hair. Efficiently and effectively get rid of pet hair and stop it from sticking to your clothes!

Can be reused over and over again for 1000 different loads of washing. We recommend that you buy 2 or more for higher-capacity washers (7kg+).

Product Features:

  • Catches and traps stray and excess pet hair and lint
  • Simple to use and floats on top of the clothes
  • Puts an end to lint clogging the laundry tub
  • Reusable
  • Perfect for people who own very hairy or bushy pets
  • Not sold in stores
  • Free shipping worldwide on orders over $50!
  • Insured shipping and handling available
  • Buy 2 or more for the high capacity washer (7kg+)

Product Specifications:

  • Package Includes: 1 x Floating Lint Hair Catcher
  • Material: Polyester, PP
  • Floating Size: Approx. 8x8cm
  • Mesh Size: Approx. 15cm