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No-Mess Ink Foot & Hand-Print Kit

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Do you want to harmlessly create mementos with your baby's hands and feet but don't want to endanger them with harmful ink? We don't blame you! That's why we produced the No-Mess Ink Foot & Handprint Kit.

Your little darling's skin will never come into contact with any ink. Our kit is very simple to use, secure, and enjoyable.

Make valued memories with your child's hand and footprints and keep the lifelong mementos. We want you to use our No-Mess Ink Foot & Handprint Kit to embrace the short time your baby is little.

Very Simple to Use

Our kit is hassle free! All you do is press, peel, and reveal! It's that simple. Your baby's hand and foot get lightly pressed into the ink pad which is then transferred to the paper...voila! Your print is marvelously unveiled. 

Secure and Non-Toxic

You never have to fear about your baby's skin coming into touch with the ink. Our ink pad doesn't work like that. No litter, either. Hooray!

Long-Lasting Prints

Our ink pad is made from superior-quality ingredients. The photo paper is able to capture every elaborate detail of your baby's hand and foot, without staining. Your cherished prints will last life-long.

Multiple Colors

Fancy a blue hand? Pink foot? Perhaps you prefer green? 

It doesn't matter because our kit comes with a variety of all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

Incredible Gift for Baby Showers

Leave the onesies to other guests and provide the gift they’ll never forget and thank you for in years to come. Baby will never grow out of it, after all! Interesting unique package design makes it splendid for gift-giving.

Simple and Easy to Setup