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Pet Knots Remover

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The Pet Knots Remover gives pleasant and clear-cut de-matting even for dogs with delicate skin. 

Curved outside, so it does not scrape the skin, unlike other pointed edge tools. Sharp inside, so it clears every mat and tangles safely, simply & quickly.

The ergonomic, powerful, non-slip, indestructible handle will aid you to finish the daily combing process. Meaning more time to play with your puppy or pet!

Product Features:

  • NO-SCRAPE ROUND TEETH: Comb softly removing loose hair, and obliterates tangles, knots, and trapped dirt.
  • SAFE AND PLEASANT  FOR YOUR PET: Amazing to groom the undercoat well, without scratching or damaging your pet's skin
  • ENJOYABLE, POWERFUL, AND LASTING: Our comb is specially created with a COMFORT-GRIP and ANTI-SLIP HANDLE