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Pet Vacuum Brush & Shedding Brush

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Say Goodbye to Pet Hair Once and for All!

Are you sick and tired of your pet malting all over your clothes and furniture? We know you love your furry friend but their stray hairs can be very annoying! The Pet Vacuum Brush & Shedding Brush is designed to keep your life free of stray, irritating pet hair by removing loose hairs directly from your pet. Catching them before they create a mess. This new gadget sucks all dirt and loose hairs up like a magnet meaning NO MORE SHEDDED HAIR all over the place!

dog brush with vacuum 

Product Features:

  • Sucks every single loose hair, a bit of dirt and dander just like a magnet - cleaning your furry friend up in a jiffy!
  • The Pet Vacuum Brush coats your pet in cleansing ions - use this instead of soap and water just like a waterless bath.
  • Removes and obliterates odors, allergens and shedding hair from your pet and out of your furniture and clothes.
  • Brushes, cleans, conditions and neutralizes bacteria in one easy and simple motion!
  • Fits PN models and all standard-size vacuums.
  • Compatible with: DC24 Multi Floor, DC34, DC34 Reformed,
  • DC35, DC35 Animal, DC35 Exclusive, DC35 Origin Exclusive,
  • DC44 Animal, DC44 Animal Fuchsia, DC44 Animal Cleaning Total, DC44 Exclusive,
  • DC59 Animal, DC59 Animal, DC59 Animal Exclusive, DC59 Animal V6, DC59 Motorhead, DC56 Hard,
  • V6 Animal, V6 Motorhead, Exclusive V6 Motorhead, Exclusive V6 Motorhead, Extra Animal V6.

    Product Benefits:

    • No need for bath-time battles any longer. No soap. No water. No mess.
    • This new gadget makes your home more livable and your pet more lovable.
    • Stimulates blood circulation in your pet while in use making them feel better and improves their health.
    • Deeply grooms your pet's fur whilst never scratching your pet's skin, harmlessly removes malting hair so your pet will love it (pain-free).
    • Quickly and easily removes hairs from your pet, save time, money and hassle. 
    • Perfect for any pet hair length so it can be used on all kinds of pets.
    • The #1 must-have trendy pet gadget of 2019 - everyone loves this.
    • Not sold in stores - this product is only available for purchase off our online store Botanika Home.
    • FREE shipping worldwide
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee - if you don't love this product for whatever reason let us know and we'll do everything in our power to make it right for you.

    Product Specifications:

    • Internal diameter: 30mm(approx)
    • Brush head size: 10cmx 10cm/3.9'' x 3.9''(approx)
    • Handle length: 16.5cm/6.44''(approx)
    • Color: Gray

    Package Includes: 

    • 1 x Pet Vacuum Brush & Shedding Brush
    • 1 x Vacuum Cleaner Adapter