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Ponytail Hook Bungee Bands (5PCS)

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Always get tangles when tying up your THICK, CURLY hair? For thicker hair, sometimes a regular elastic just won't cut it to create a tight-holding ponytail. But Ponytail Hook Bungee Bands make the miracle happens.

These bands allow a custom-fit ponytail for any hair texture - thick, curly, long, fluffy or even fragile hair. The open hair hook design allows you to avoid pulling and tangling your hair when wrapping or untying your hair, creating the smoothest, natural ponytail in seconds!

Traditional elastic may easily cause breakage, but our bands are much more durable as you can freely customize tightness according to the thickness of hair strands


  • No more Tangling
    It allows you to wrap/untie your hair without pulling or tugging.

  • Suitable for All Hair Types
    Make a ponytail easily when you have thick, curly, long, fluffy or even fragile hair.
  • Tie Hair in a Second!
    Just hook one end and wrap the band around the hair, then hook the other end into hair for customized tightness.
  • Even for Thick Hair Strands
    With traditional elastic bands, you're limited to the rotations you're able to do, but with a bungee, you can wrap it exactly with the tightness you need. Able to tie both thin and thick hair strands.

  • For Any Hairstyles
    Not only for ponytails, but also ideal for any hairstyle like half-knots, braids, up-dos, etc.

  • Elastic & Durable
    Made of elastic band and metal hook. It can be stretched to ~9 inches.

  • Color: Black, Brown, Beige
  • Length: 12.5cm



  • 5 x Ponytail Hook Bungee Bands

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order