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ProSwing™ Golf Swing Trainer

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The perfect training tool and super effective golf swing training aid that will immediately improve your golf swing!

The Golf Swing Trainer is an easy, but very effective golf training aid that is used by players of all talents, including teaching professionals and PGA Tour players. It is lightweight and simple to use. The Golf Swing Trainer will lead you through all of the key positions throughout the golf swing.

Why Do You Need This?

✅ Decreases wrong wrist cocking and helps correct radial deviation of the wrist
✅ Experience higher distance and greater accuracy - decrease your handicap
✅ Lightweight and simple to attach
✅ Correct clubface faces alignment
✅ Enhances grip and width and swing arc
✅ Checks swing plane
✅ Checks completion of the backswing
✅ Increases swing tempo
✅ Corrects start of the downswing
✅ Increases impact position
✅ Improves follow through and plane

 How To Use?

  • At address, Golf Swing Trainer place directly on top of the shaft, in line with the left shoulder.
  • Take away with shoulder turn and left arm straight, with Golf Swing Trainer positioned on top of the shaft.
  • At the top of the backswing, the Golf Swing Trainer "rest" touches the side of the forearm.
  • Start downswing keeping Golf Swing Trainer "rest" against the side of the forearm.
  • Follow through to the three-quarter position, Golf Swing Trainer "rest" meets left forearm as left arm bends.Golf Swing Trainer Steps


  • Length: 9.44 inches
  • Weight: only 29 g
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed golfers