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Spiral™ - Clean Ears Safely

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Traditional cotton swabs are dangerous to use when removing earwax: pushing it too far and causing pain or pushing wax deeper into your ear instead of removing wax. So, allow us to introduce the game-changing Spiral Ear Cleaner, the safest most effective way to remove ear wax. Click the 'Add to cart' button to get yours 50% Off!

Extremely high demand: please allow 10 to 25 business days for delivery


  • Cleans your ears in a super smart way! Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax with no hassle.
  • Reusable and disposable tips.
  • It comes with 16 flexible, washable and silicone soft tips, good for family use.
  • Removes earwax effectively and also gives your ear a pleasurable massage.
  • Very easy to use and more hygienic than cotton swabs.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Spiral Ear Cleaner
  • 16 x Replaceable tips
UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, our supply is going to run out very soon. Get yours while you still can!

Spiral Ear Cleaner


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