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Soft Pet Sleeping Cushion

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The new Soft Pet Sleeping Cushion is a super big plush cushion, warn, comfy and soft to the touch. 3 cm long plush fur that your pets will love to sleep in. Pure, simple color with a cute design, a fantastic bed for your furry friends. Portable and lightweight. Simple to clean and wash. Non-toxic, superior-quality, odorless material. Your pets will adore the Soft Pet Sleeping Cushion instantly!


46cm = 18.11 inches 
50cm = 19.69 inches 
60cm = 23.62 inches

How to Wash:

  1. Soak the cushion. If your dog bed cushion needs cleaning, hand cleans it with warm soapy water in your tub or a basin using a dog-friendly detergent. 
  2. Shake the bed. Once you are done soaking the bed, use your hands to gently shake and kneed it. 
  3. Rinse out the cushion
  4. Let air dry.
  5. Fluff the cushion and reassemble for use.