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Sunshine Reusable Fly Trap

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Grab one of these and watch the flies disappear!

Easy to operate, efficient and environmentally friendly!

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Each one of these innovative traps covers 25 yards of space and will kill 20'000 flies. Protect your farm, home and your property from fly invasion. Empty the trap every few days so they won't smell their dead brothers and become keen! Premium high-quality material made of gauze mesh construction so it can be used for years to come.

How to assemble:

Clip the inner cone to the top part of the net. Slip the green bowl into the wire at the bottom. Place bait in the bowl. Hang in a high traffic fly area.

How to empty:

Remove the bottom. Turn the cone part inside out. Dump flies into a bag. Some insects may still be alive so be careful not to let them escape.


  • Diameter: 9.25 inches.
  • Height: 15.75 inches.
  • Material: Iron Wire, Gauze, Plastic.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Reusable Fly Trap

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