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Tablet Spider Stand

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Get Your Tablet off your Hands and into a Secure Position

Never let your tablet fall on your face again!

This new, innovative tablet stand holds your tablet or cell phone securely on bendable and adjustable legs letting you enjoy the experience hands-free, even when lying completely flat. Use it in bed, on the couch or on any uneven surface securing your tablet at eye level making it way easier on your neck. The flexible legs fold compactly for easy storage and portability making it the number one must-have accessory for every tablet owner.

✅ The universal design works with virtually any tablet 

Apple iPad - full size and mini (iPad Pro models must be used with a hard case), Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes), Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab, Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4, plus any other tablet you can imagine.

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