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Titan Unbreakable Fast Charging Cable

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This charging cable named "Titan", is UNBREAKABLE, period.

Made From High Performance Fiber

Tired of splintering cables that only last for a few months? That’s why we created the Titan Cable with the strongest aramid fiber technology, often used in aerospace and military applications, to provide added protection against cord splintering and daily wear.

We Tried Breaking It.. But We Failed!

We have tried almost everything..

Cutting through it with scissors - FAILED

Doing pull-ups to break it - FAILED

Pulling it apart with 2 cars - FAILED

Super Fast Charging!

Not only it is unbreakable, but the Fibre technology is fused with the best conducting materials that it can charge your phone 187% faster than the normal cables out there. You name it, we beat it.

And if you love gaming or watching shows or movies on your phone you're going to love the 90 degree plug which makes your phone comfortable to hold or rest in your lap!


  • 90 degree plug makes your phone easy & comfortable to hold
  • Double protected nylon cable prevents wear & breakage
  • Perfect for gaming & watching shows
  • Charges your phone 187% faster
  • Compatible with any device