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Tummy Time Activity Baby Mat

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Let Your Baby Discover the Ocean From Your Living Room!

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Looking for a wonderful, entertaining and one of a kind play mat for your beloved child? The Tummy Time Activity Baby Mat is perfect for you and your baby! This new and exclusive trending play mat strengthens your baby's legs and arms whilst helping them develop essential life skills!

"My baby has a blast squishing and pressing this mat! Definitely recommend!"

Tina Arnold, Customer

  • Builds Essential Skills Whilst Enjoying Play: Tummy Time aids your baby to build muscles and strength in it's back, legs, arms, and neck, getting them prepared to discover the world on their own once they have grown up! Give them the head start they need and will love you for.
  • Encourages and Increases Your Babies Development: This new Activity Baby Mat is the must-have toy of 2019 to develop amazing head, neck and shoulder muscles whilst enhancing your child's hand-eye coordination, motor, and social skills. It's a colorful, incredibly and interactive play mat that increases brain development from the get-go, whilst enjoying play time.
  • Your Baby Can Learn About How The World Works: Your Baby using this new Tummy Time Mat will learn about the cause and effect of the world as it presses and moves the colorfully cute fishes around from place to place.
  • Stimulating, Interactive and Dreamlike Visuals: Amazing visual colors that your baby will love - creates fun and excitement for your little angel. Incredible sensory stimulation and interaction that will enhance and provide sensory stimulation to improve, moving skills, cognitive ability, and social skills.


Observe in anticipation as your child is enthralled and enchanted by our fish tank DREAMWORLD, amazed and in love with the rainbow bright colors and cute fishes swimming about in the ocean. Use this indoor toy in rain or shine. Your baby will interact with the fishes as they pass by. The Tummy Time Activity Baby Mat will provide your little one with hours of joy and healthy entertainment. 


Easily fill the outer ring with the amount of water you want, set it down on the floor and let the fun begin. It simply and easily folds up when empty to store away and take with you where ever you want - taking up minimal space. Easily portable to be brought on holidays, outings, or to your visit to the grandparent's house!

"My daughter can't get enough of this water mat. She gets excited about a lot of toys, but this is her absolute favorite!"

Aerica Shawnton, Customer

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tummy Time Activity Baby Mat
Give your little one of the best-selling baby product of 2019! Thousands of our customers across the world love the Tummy Time Activity Baby Mat.