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WaterJet™ - Instantly Wash Away Dirt

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Do you have dirty or grimy areas around the house that need to be washed? Our WaterJet™ instantly cleans dirty patios, transport and vehicles, dirty wood fences, brick walls and moreClick the "Add to cart" button to get yours 50% Off!

Extremely high demand: please allow 10 to 25 business days for delivery


  • HIGH-PRESSURE WASH: Incredible for cleaning all things around the house from decking, automobiles, lawnmowers, garage doors, concrete sidewalks, patios, BBQ grills, and much much more!
  • FITS STANDARD HOSES: Effortless and immediate setup and use, simply screw the device onto your hose! Fits all standard garden hoses and other sizes with standard 1” female hose connectors. 
  • SAFE FOR ANY AND ALL SURFACES: Safely cleanse dirt off ALL surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, sidings, plastic, glass and more. Will not strip car paint or clear coatings.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BRASS: Created with rust-proof and corrosion-resistant materials. Industrial-strength brass connectors and a high-quality aluminum alloy washer wand meaning it will last you a lifetime.



Package includes: 

  • 1 x WaterJet™ Spray Gun
  • 1 x Nozzle
  • 2 x Spray Tips

UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, our supply is going to run out very soon. Get yours while you still can!



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