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Waterproof Oil Proof Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Wall Sticker

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Product Features:

  • Material: Aluminium foil + glue. Use the incredible Aluminium Foil in bathrooms, kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, school projects, workshops, offices, arts and craft projects & furniture. Cover cabinets, doors, counter-tops, shelves & walls to prevent leakages and avoid all stains!
  • Function: Aluminium foil sticker, with moisture-proof, anti-oil, anti-leakage and other amazing uses! The Aluminium Foil can be easily cut and applied to any surface! Use it for cabinets, kitchens, walls and especially for drainage pipes! Apply it to areas where it always seems to get dirty and oily no matter what you do!
  • Product advantages: High quality, oil-proof, non-toxic, fire resistant, highly glossy, water resistant, removable, reusable and will not damage your counters.
  • Easy to apply: Can be applied to any smooth surface, such as glass, doors, window panes, ceramic tiles in kitchens or bathrooms, glass counters, home appliances, air-conditioners and even your car!


Oil Resistant

Fire Prevention

Simple To Use