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Wheel Edge Rim Protectors

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Car wheel rims are an investment in your car. It provides your car an extra edge and an immediate upgrade on its appearance, value, and style. While a big sum of money is needed for these icy and cool wheel rims to be in place, the cost of protecting them doesn’t have to be as expensive. 

The Wheel Edge Rim Protectors are the perfect protection and defense you can install on your rims. You can save money from wheel rim damages. Mount the protection it needs, to prepare for those inevitable scratches, especially from those sudden curbs attacks. Scrapes are normal and expected, which is why it’s a clever and intelligent move for even the wariest driver.

  • Protects and defends the rims from curb scrapes
  • A brilliant choice for even the most careful and meticulous driver
  • Cost effective and saves time from always changing rims or repairing damages from accidents
  • Strong and durable and can cope with differing weather conditions for an extended period
  • Convenient for most car wheel rims
  • Simple and easy to put in yet provides a professional result
  • No need to get rid of brand new tires ever again!
  • Maintains the wheel rims slick-looking awesomeness and stylishness
  • Superb for everyone who would like to create a more visually attractive car wheel rim
  • Rim protection can be discreetly placed too
  • Choose from contrasting stylish high-quality colors
  • Even non-car-savvy vehicle owners can install this with ease and simplicity

Protect your car wheel rims plus, boost and enhance their look at the same time. It’s a sensible, smart and quick addition to your slick, icy and stylish car.


  1. Clear and wash up the area where the strip is to be installed. Make certain it’s dry and that no dirt, muck or oil is on the surface.
  2. Scrub the edge of the wheel hub with alcohol and let it dry.
  3. Once the surface is ready, check where to place the strip and measure the length you required for your rims.
  4. Press the strip firmly once it is ready to be installed. Carefully remove the protective paper at the back of the strip.
  5. Gently move along the edge where the strip is to be placed while pulling the protective paper along.
  6. Cut the extra and excess strip and provide another firm press to assure the whole strip is accurately and properly installed.


  • Let it dry up for at least 3 hours.
  • Do not wash your wheels using high-pressure cleaners.
  • Avoid fast driving within 24 hours upon installation.